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The CodeFuse ROI report offers users a way of getting quantifiable information about the value of the automated tests that they are running. This is useful for a number of reasons:

1. To provide information to other projects about how useful automated testing can be.

2. To see what types of tests are providing the most benefit.

3. To identify any tests that have below average ROI that could be re-factored.

4. To identify any poorly performing tests which are taking up too much maintenance time and remove or refactor them.

CodeFuse makes use of the following data in its ROI report calculations:

A. Data in the Default Values screen which include your best assumptions about key values around ROI. See here.

B. Data you specify against each test. See here.  

C. Data drawn from the CodeFuse database which contains, for instance, the number of times the test has been run and the number of times you have performed edits/maintenance on that test.


CodeFuse takes all of this information and creates a table of values as follows: